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Getting a loan is very useful and important, both to get out of economic crises and to make investments. Many personal projects require a certain amount of money, such as making a long trip, investing in a new venture, raising children, etc. And when it comes to asking for a loan it is good to research which is the cheapest because the interest rates in the market vary a lot. The different financial institutions offer different charges. In addition to interest, it is also useful to know the value of the tariff for the preparation of the cadastre and also the cost of taxes.

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Every credit operation has certain extra charges beyond the amount borrowed. These charges are those that will define whether the credit is cheaper or more expensive, and are as follows: registration fee, interest rate, Tax on Financial Operations (IOF) and other tariffs, such as the evaluation of good in the guarantee. Also, the payment term should be taken into account, of course. If the deadline is very high and the interest rates very low, the loan will be very easy to pay. Here’s how each of these extra charges works:

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Interest. Interest is the main deciding factor when applying for loans. It depends on whether the credit is going to be convenient or not. It turns out that interest rates can vary greatly depending on the type and the lender. They are calculated based on the risk that the client poses to the bank or financial risk of not paying the debt. If the risk is considered high then the interest may also be very high. Just to illustrate, the interest rate varies from very low values, from only 1.5% per month to percentages like 20% monthly or more.

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Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF). The IOF is another of the charges that banks have. It is charged by federal law and is calculated according to the amount borrowed. In general, the value does not vary much. The most convenient thing is for the financial entity to offer the IOF in installments, so that the payment is more practical, together with the value of the installments and interest.

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Registration Fee. The registration fee is a charge that most banks and financial institutions have, but not all. It is necessary to register the customer and thus perform the credit analysis, researching the customer’s history concerning payments to determine the feasibility of approving the credit.

Goodwill valuation rate. This fee will be required only for collateralized loans, such as refinancing of property or vehicle. In these cases, it is necessary to pay a fee to evaluate this guarantee, which in many cases can be parceled out.
CET. The CET (Total Effective Cost) is the percentage that includes all previous charges.

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Thinking about the different types of the public that exist in the country and their particular needs, the banks develop differentiated products, with special characteristics for each of them. Thus appears the consigned loan, personal loan, loan with property guarantee, among others. The following are detailed:

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Payroll loan. Payroll-deductible loans are one of the most successful loans in recent times, and one of the most sought-after loans. Money can be used freely, without having to inform in what, and the facilities offered are multiple. It is aimed at customers who have payroll, those who work with employment and also the retirees and pensioners of the INSS. Public servants find payroll loans a very easy way to have extra money, as well as INSS beneficiaries. In some cases, employees of private companies also have this possibility.

Advantages of paycheck loans North Dakota:

  • approval is very fast without going through a long registration analysis since the credit is already pre-approved according to the monthly income of the client and the term chosen.
  • the interest rate is very low, which makes the payroll is one of the cheapest credits on the market.
  • The payment term is long and flexible and can reach 72 months or more.
  • The payment is made with a direct payroll discount.

A loan with Guarantee of Property. Although it is still uncommon in the USA, applying for a home equity loan may be the best way to apply for a loan. Many people fear that the property is retained, but the banks offer enough flexibility to renegotiate the debt and thus the benefits are removed with total ease. The main advantage is the credit limit since it will be possible to ask for up to 70% of the value of the residential property (the commercial property is also allowed as collateral in some financials). The interest rates are very low and the deadlines very long, reaching in some cases at 10 or 15 years, which makes the installments minimal. What’s more, fares can also be installments or paid easily.

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The customer’s private vehicle can also be used to borrow a loan. The limit can be higher, in some cases reaching 60% of the value of the car or motorcycle. The only condition is that the vehicle is removed and in good repair. When used as collateral, the credit goes out quickly, without delayed credit analysis, and interest rates are very low. Payment terms can be up to 5 years, however, they can vary from one institution to another.