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Do you need a loan in New Mexico? How to Get a Loan for an Individual Entrepreneur?

Formalizing the individual microentrepreneur has many benefits. One of them has to do with the possibility of obtaining financial resources in the banks. I mean, borrowed money to invest in the venture. In our country, entrepreneurship has not only grown in the last decades but also marked a significant stimulus for national socio-economic development. That is why the government, together with the banks, has developed specialized products aimed at offering better opportunities for this important sector in our economy. You will find many proposals in different institutions that you can take advantage of for different purposes. One of the particularities of picking a loan for an individual entrepreneur is that you will get a lower value than with the other credits. What’s more, it is a very affordable product and can be obtained quickly, without bureaucracy. Here are some features and advantages:

In most cases, to get a loan, you have to file a security right. In the case of microcredit, this is not necessary. Only a solidarity guarantee is required, which may be formed by other entrepreneurs who are customers of the bank where you will order the product.

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The credit limit of what you will dispose of cannot be either. This amount will be directly linked to what you are needing for the venture. According to the activities that you carry out, the bank makes an analysis and establishes the value to be released. It will also analyze the creditworthiness you have with your venture.

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A difference in the loan for an entrepreneur with the other modalities has to do with the terms of payment. In this case, they are usually shorter, because as the amounts are reduced, a long plane is not necessary. Equally, you will pay very convenient interest rates.

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For some forms of credit, the bureaucracy ends up giving the product to many Americans. However, microcredit is very easy to get hold of. When the approval is taken, the bank releases the money quickly into your account.

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Many banks in our country have joined in this excellent initiative that the government took to favor microentrepreneurs. Faced with so many proposals, you may have doubts about which loan to hire. Our recommendation is to request a simulation on our site and compare the different products and costs. See below for some of these options:

  • OppLoans: Payday Loans limit can be up to $ 15 thousand. On the other hand, you have the possibility of choosing a term of payment adapted to your needs, which varies between 4 and 24 months. As a result, interest rates also vary. For shorter periods, these will be shorter. The percentage can be 2% or 4%, depending on the case. With the money obtained, you can invest or simply use it as working capital.
  • CashNetUSA: For the growth of your venture, at CashNetUSA you will find an excellent proposal. Targeted productive microcredit is available for both formal and informal workers. You will be able to borrow money and you can use it as working capital, or you can get the machines and equipment you need to improve production. This product is very easy to get and you will pay for affordable benefits.
  • OPPloans: To obtain this loan for the individual entrepreneur, the bank requests a personal guarantee, which may be in the name of a third party. In this case, you have two possibilities regarding the use of money. On the one hand, for working capital, and on the other as an investment. The loan offers a term of up to 12 or 18 months, depending on the case.
  • HonestLoans: This bank is another excellent institution for your business. Here, you can get up to $ 14,200, and use the amount for any investment. If you prefer, you will need to have this amount for working capital. The terms and payment and turning rates are very convenient.
  • LoanMart: you can find this product under the name of the Loan market. In the beginning, you can request up to $ 6 thousand, and if you request a renewal of the credit, this amount will increase to $ 15 thousand. To find out how much money you will have, the bank analyzes to determine what your business needs. LoanMart also has another line of loan for the individual entrepreneur, in this case, exclusive for entrepreneurs in the rural sector.
  • NetCredit: In one of the most prestigious financial institutions in the country, you can request up to $ 15,000 for your venture. With the money, you can buy machines and equipment, make investments or opt for working capital. The payment term will be 24 months. This product is easy to contract and can be obtained by individuals and legal entities.
  • SlamDunk: all individual entrepreneurs in different states. Thanks to the targeted microcredit line, you can count on extra resources for your business, for up to $ 15 thousand. If the amount is used for working capital, the payment term will be 10 months. If used for investment, 15 months. The interest rates offered by Banrisul are very convenient.
  • SpeedyCash: Micro-enterprises with a maximum annual turnover of $500 can apply for this product at SpeedyCash. For this, you will pay very economical interest rates, in a convenient payment term. What’s more, once you’ve cleared your credit, you’ll be able to request it again.

To consult for any of these loan lines for the individual entrepreneur, you can call the bank phone line at which you want to hire the product.