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Ways to break your debt cycle. While we know that debt is the number one enemy of our pocket finances, and of our digital wallet, which means that it will affect our lives, and it will fill us with stress; we must take into consideration the fact of becoming “internal detectives”, in order to discover what we are failing to be able to break with this vicious circle that consumes us every day. If we begin to discover our fault, this cycle will break and you will begin to see the light amid the darkness.

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It is totally normal that we as humans have outbursts of anxiety to have something we do not even need, as well as the fact that we do not control that impulse, or rather, we do not take the trouble to try to control it; and even then, with money or without money, we want to fulfill a certain amount of whims, and the vast majority are short-term things, which are not going to give us any privilege either, we simply buy because we like it, because it’s fashionable, because all they have it, but we do not need it.

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Many will likely say: This is impossible! And others who are looking like crazy the answer online, if you have run into this article, it is the right time to discover it. Before you start, you should prepare yourself, and think carefully about all the expenses you make daily, and focus on all you have done in the last week. Analyze it, take notes, discard the unnecessary investments you made, and figure out how much you could have saved.

Now, it is time to think that from now on, with the following tips to end the vicious circle of debts, you must do your part, organizing, administering, taking seriousness and responsibility, as the economic environment is part of our day today, and if our pocket fails, because of our irresponsibility, we are aware that it can affect us in many things, and you should know what I mean.

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It is important that you keep up with the economy in your country, as this can also affect your integrity, it does not matter if you are the most spending person in the world, or just the opposite; reading about the economy of your country will help you to take a little bit of awareness. Remember that you must also nourish your mind with information, this will help you think intelligently.
Meet with your family and discuss financial plans. There is nothing better than harmony in the home, and that you remain silent and do not tell anyone about your plans, or that you are in debt, or that you want to save and not die trying, it is not good.

It is highly recommended to tell your partner, parents, and children, the situation you are going through, the plans you want for this year, plan short and long term goals, with your loved ones. It is very likely that you will receive help from them, or even that they will decide to save together with you. Do not you think it would be great?

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Ask yourself internal questions about your economic situation and answer them with sincerity. To become a responsible, disciplined, honest, committed and aware person First, you must be honest with yourself, taking time to think about what is leftover in your life, which means that your income does not sufficiently cover your existence and that of your children.

Ask yourself the following: What do I need? What do I need? What are my most frequent whims? How do I spend more, in cash, with my cards, or online? Is money my enemy and why am I not happy? Why do I need help? How do I save? How much do I earn? Should I work more? Why do I borrow my family if I know that if I control my expenses I would not need them? Why is it that whenever I go out to eat with someone, I do not invite?

As these questions are answered, you will realize the mistakes you are making and try to find a solution. And one of the steps is to open up and admit that your finances go wrong because of financial irresponsibility.

Consider always saving emergency money. Sometimes problems of an urgent nature arise, such as illnesses, accidents, damages at home or vehicles. For this reason, you have to have a little more awareness and start saving, it does not matter if it is 20% or 25% of your earnings. Know what? Worse is nothing! That small percentage of savings can help if there is an emergency such as those mentioned above, so keep that in mind. No one wants this kind of thing to happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
See the different ways to save and pay off debts. That’s right, you can do both at the same time, if you have a good management of your money, and even better if you have the support of your partner or children, but always take into account that it is best to solve problems for your account; do not trust that you will receive help from third parties, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing you achieve your goals without help. The key is to organize and be responsible!