Installment loans

Online installment loans

Worker, clerk, retired, disabled, executive, teacher, civil servant, doctor, fire department, warehouse manager, lawyer, self-employed person, single or married, the list is endless. Almost everyone with a fixed income is eligible for a loan.

Online installment loans instant approval

At Leemans, you always find a credit formula that suits your wishes. View our tariff plans, choose the plan that best suits your credit requirements and quickly calculate your preferential rate. You can then easily submit your data via the online application form.

Your request will be processed and within 24 hours you will receive an answer from us!

Payday installment loans

  • Borrow from 500 dollars to 50,000 dollars and more!
  • For small and large purposes
  • New cars<3 years
  • Used cars> 3 years
  • Energy-efficient investments
  • Moving costs
  • Refurbishing
  • Holidays
  • Wedding, communion or other celebrations
  • Tax debts
  • Hospital bills
  • Personal expenses
  • Merging loans and/or cards
  • Fines…

Fast and friendly

Our service is friendly, transparent and above all ‘straightforward’. As soon as you have made an application, we will take action.

Best installment loans online

First, we examine which credits were registered with the National Bank of USA.

We check whether you have sufficient income and stability to be able to make your payments, and ask our credit insurer whether they can also give their consent and is ready!

Monthly installment payday loans

We make an appointment with you as soon as possible and the contract is ready at the office. We discuss the contract with you, after all, you have to know what you are signing. All your questions are answered in clearly intelligible language.
You have to pay for the first time the next month. You pay a PERMANENT amount per month.

Personal installment loans

If at any time you want to repay your current loan in one go, you can! You pay that way much less.
Give us a call or send us an email and we will send you a clear statement.
We will continue to pamper you, even after signing your contract.

Long term installment loans

Calculate your installment on our rate page. You simply choose the plan that suits you, calculate the amount you want to borrow and click through to the application form.

Installment loans for poor credit

Credit Union will find the most advantageous loan on the market for you.
To handle your application, the lender must consult the files of the Central Bank for Loans to the National Bank of USA, his files and possibly the files of Atradius, credit insurer.

Easy installment loans

Whether you are planning renovation work soon, have wedding plans, want to move or have to deal with high hospital costs, you do not have to postpone any purchase with the cheap installment loan that we find for you. As a credit broker, we compare the rates on the market and we offer you the best solution for your situation.

Small installment loans

A (cheap) installment loan is a credit agreement that lends you an amount that you repay in monthly installments. How much you borrow depends on:

  • the type of loan you want to take out
  • your income
  • the amount you need

The minimum duration of a cheap installment loan is 1 year, while the maximum term depends on the loan amount.

Monthly installment loans

Installment loans company

You can, for example, subscribe to an installment loan for:

  • the purchase of a new or second-hand car
  • working on your homes, such as painting, repair or energy-saving investments
  • the cost of a move
  • the payment of tax debts or fines
  • the cost of a wedding
  • hospital costs
  • other personal expenses


If you are looking for a cheap loan on payment, you are at the right place at Credit Union. Calculate your monthly payment online or contact us directly for an appointment.

  • Above money only for owners, otherwise max 7 years or 84 months.
  • Same day installment loans
  • Years of experience
  • Service and expertise
  • Independent and reliable financial partner
  • Financing at the best conditions
  • Holder of the Febelfin certificate

Example: Loan repayment of 8,000 $ repayable in 48 monthly repayments at an Annual Cost Percentage of 9.99% (fixed actuarial debit interest rate: 9.99%). This means 48 monthly repayments of $ 201.21, or total repayment of $ 9.658,25. Rate valid since 1/12/2015.
Instant installment loans have a minimum term of 6 months and a maximum period of 120 months, the APR amounts to a maximum of 12.5%, for installment loans from 5001 $ a maximum APR 10%.

Advantageous personal loan on the installment

Do you have a wedding or building plans, or do you incur hospital costs? For large expenses, you can count on our advantageous personal loan on installment.

Payday installment loans online

The annual taxes are inevitable. Just when you think you have saved something, you will find the tax form in your mailbox the next day. What now?

Short term installment loans

We all know the feeling. It seems like our taxes from last year have only just been paid, or we already find an invitation for this year’s tax return. If you get money back, there is, of course, no problem. But if you have to pay extra, this unexpected cost is sometimes very inconvenient.

Best online installment loans

We offer you the possibility to spread this cost over a longer period through our loan on payment. Depending on the amount you have to cough up, a payment plan will be drawn up for you.

Borrowing for hospital costs

Admission to a hospital is no fun in itself. The bill that falls into the bus afterward is often a second setback.

Guaranteed installment loans direct lenders only

Hospital bills can be high. This is certainly the case if you do not have comprehensive hospitalization insurance, but even a virtually watertight insurance policy rarely covers everything.

Flex pay installment loans

When you have just cured, you can miss such a high bill as a toothache. A personal installment loan can ease this burden.

How does our credit work?

We deposit an agreed amount into your account or pay the hospital directly. You then pay back the borrowed sum in hard disks at a time limit set in advance and consultation. So you can think of healing in the first place.

Interested in an installment loan for your hospital costs?

Moving costs money. Money that you would rather spend on the design of your new residence. If you spread your relocation costs through our loan on installment, you will then be able to purchase your new residence without any worries.

Everyone is confronted with a move one or more times during his life. Young people leave the parental home sooner or later to stand on their own feet. But people of average age also often, forced, move to a slightly larger or more affordable home.
The transport of all your furniture, the administration costs related to your new address, the rent of a lift, … these are all costs that have to be paid. That money can, of course, be used much better at that time for the payment of other, monthly recurring costs.

Our loan on payment offers the solution. You get the full sum at once, while you can repay it in monthly installments and therefore in the longer term. This allows you to fully concentrate on your move without having to pay too much attention to the costs involved.
Painting, remodeling or building? You are covered with our installment loan.

Your wallpaper comes loose, the walls yearn for a lick of paint, your boiler keeps it for the watch, or that dressing is bad: there are always costs for a house. Investments and maintenance work is necessary, but also a lot of money.
Thanks to our loan on payment, you do not have to worry about the latter. Because you can spread the repayment of the loan over several months, you will hardly notice a difference in cash flow every month. A while later, everything has been paid back, your house has been renovated, and the total cost is heavily dammed.

Interested in an installment loan for your renovation work?

To handle your application, the lender must consult the files of the Central Bank for Loans to the National Bank of USA, his files and possibly the files of Atradius, credit insurer.
For personal expenses, the Credit Union provides a personal installment loan. Above you will find a selection of the expenditure categories for which our loan on payment can be suitable.

You can also consider a personal installment loan for other, unexpected costs. A new television set, a laptop, interior decoration, and so on: together we examine which loan best suits your spending plan.
We invite you to us. Together we look for the most advantageous personal loan on installment, with a fixed term and a repayment amount tailored to your needs.

Contact us for more information. We are happy to help you.
Above money only for owners, otherwise max 7 years or 84 months.

Why a loan from Credit Union

  • Years of experience
  • Service and expertise
  • Independent and reliable financial partner
  • Financing at the best conditions