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A few years ago, a loan could not be issued without the personal presence of a large number of documents, a long wait, and security in the form of a guarantee or any collateral. This fact created a lot of problems since it was not always possible to easily present a suitable bail, and even more so to persuade a relative or friend to become a guarantor.

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Today, getting a loan without collateral and a guarantee is much easier in almost any bank or microfinance organization.

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Where most often prefer to take a loan without guarantors and collateral

A loan without collateral and guarantors is a loan for express programs from microfinance organizations or special offers from banks for the provision of large borrowed funds.

Microfinance organizations offer small amounts of funds, usually not more than $500, for up to 30 days. Such a loan without guarantors and collateral are issued within 1 hour, where 15-20 minutes is spent on deciding on the application. The contract in the payday loan is signed remotely or in person at the branch of the company. The main requirement for the borrower is a passport and an active telephone for communication. The organization, making a deal with the client, provides itself with a daily commission of 0.5 to 2.5% per day.

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Taking a loan without collateral and guarantors in the bank is a little more difficult. Several banks offer express loans or credit cards that can only be obtained with a passport. Such products are subject to high-interest rates – from 25% per annum and higher, and the limits available to receive are limited. However, the available loan terms – from 6 months and longer.

General requirements for the borrower:

  • citizenship of USA;
  • passport;
  • availability of registration.

Also, a common point in the work of the payday loan and the bank is the use of a scoring program, which is used to automatically assess the client’s solvency.

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By the way, it should be noted, and another way of obtaining a loan without collateral and guarantors is the registration of the purchase of goods by installments or a loan in the store. It also does not require collateral and guarantee.

How does a payday loan differ from a bank?

To get a cash loan without collateral and guarantors in a bank, you may have to confirm the availability of earnings by presenting a certificate. It is also important for the bank which social position the client occupies and his education. For example, a loyal institution will react to a single borrower with a stable income, higher education and impeccable credit history. In other words, the bank works according to the principle: the larger the loan amount, the greater the requirements for the client.

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The payday loan works a little differently. This organization does not matter the position of a person in society and the reputation of the credit history. The payday loan provides loans without guarantors and collateral to students, retirees, and able-bodied citizens. Officially confirm earnings is not necessary.

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Most citizens do not always have the opportunity to get a loan in a large bank. The most common cause is the presence of an unfavorable reputation in the credit history and the absence of formal employment. In the end, not all banks offer the right amount of funds, and the available payment terms exceed our desires, hence the huge overpayments and credit “red tape”, which can last for years.

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In such cases, short-term loans, which are usually issued for only one document for a short period, most often for 1 month, will be an excellent way out.

A loan for a month is practically no different from the classic offer of the bank; its limit can reach $1000, as in our payday loan. All the customer needs in a timely, one-time refund with a small commission. Consider the issue of microcredit in more detail.

History of payday loans

For the first time, the concept of short-term lending was developed by the economist Mohammed Yunus. He conducted a series of studies, which resulted in the conclusion that a small loan can play a huge role in people with low living standards and low incomes. This was confirmed by an appropriate experiment, Yunos issued 10 microloans for a short period of personal money, and with success with interest received his money back. Thus, a short-term loan is a suitable financial proposal for any social circle of citizens.

The benefits of payday cash loans Idaho

Currently, a short-term loan has several obvious advantages over conventional offers:

  • short-term loans and loans are often issued to borrowers with a bad credit history;
  • a short-term loan is issued quickly: you need to fill out an application with personal data on the company’s website and get a solution within a few minutes;
  • To get a loan for a month, you need to prepare a minimum set of documents: a passport and a code, without officially confirming that a stable salary is required;
  • it is easy to repay a loan: online by transfer in person or even through electronic money, which you can verify by studying the corresponding section Quick-Loan.